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What is a Tandem Skydive?

At Extreme Yeti, we provide customers who have absolutely zero prior experience with the most enjoyable, stress-free way to jump out of a perfectly good plane. Our highly trained tandem skydive instructors will walk you through a short training session to prepare you for your first jump. Before you load the plane you will be dressed in a harness which connects to highly specialized skydive equipment designed for two persons worn by your instructor. With our instructors taking care of all the hard work, you can take in every incredible moment that this experience of a lifetime has to offer.

Your entire skydive experience will be recorded by our highly trained instructors’ dual mount hand cameras.  We will begin filming and capturing still shots of your jump from the moment you are in a harness, as the plane climbs beyond the mountain and clouds to full altitude, the door opening at 10,000 feet, an exhilarating free fall, and your parachute ride amongst the never ending panoramic views. Upon returning to the ground we will show you the highlight reel from your jump, after which you will have the option to purchase our picture/video package.

What will the day of your Skydive look like?

  1. Arrive at the Golden Municipal Airport 30 minutes prior to your scheduled booking. Please refer to your confirmation email for details.
  2. Complete our liability Waiver and pay any remaining balances
  3. Receive your group training from our designated instructors
  4. Wait for your scheduled flight
  5. Pair up with one of our tandem instructors to prepare for the jump
  6. Instructors will complete final safety checks, then you load the plane
  7. Enjoy the breathtaking flight up to 10,000 feet
  8. Open the door and get your feet outside the aircraft
  9. Freefall for up to 40 seconds at 120 MPH
  10. Land safely back at the airport
  11. Watch your skydive highlight reel with all your friends
  12. If purchased, receive your picture video package from our office staff within 30 minutes of completing your jump.
  13. Tell everyone about your incredible experience!

Picture/Video Package

You just plummeted to the earth at 120 MPH over the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Make this once in a lifetime experience unforgettable with 7 to 10 minutes of raw video footage (available to be edited) and 200-300 pictures.  Keeping these moments with you means you can re-live your incredible experience any time you wish and share it with all your friends and family.


1. Can my friends and family come with me?

Spectators are welcome at our facility but must adhere to the Airport Policies.  All children must be supervised at all times.  Pets are welcome but must be supervised and remain on leash.  We are an active airfield so all policies are for your safety.

2. Should I eat before my jump?

You should stick to your general eating Schedule. Skipping meals can occasionally cause motion sickness, also make sure to stay hydrated!

3. Is tandem skydiving safe?

Skydiving is an extreme sport that involves inherent risks.  Tandem Skydiving was deigned to introduce the general public to our sport in the safest way possible.  Statistically, Tandem skydiving is far less dangerous then every day activities such as driving on the highway.

In addition, all our instructors are professionally trained and Licensed through the Canadian Sport Parachuting Organization and Strong Enterprises.

4.What happens if my parachute doesn’t open?

Skydiving Canopies are designed and packed extremely carefully in a way that promotes them to open.  Our tandem systems contain two parachutes, a Main and Reserve.  Our systems are also equipped with an AAD (Automatic Activation Device) which will automatically deploy the reserve parachute at a predetermined altitude.

5. Am I able to wear my glasses?

Of course.  A Skydive is much more enjoyable when you are able to take in the entire experience.  We have special Goggles that will fit tightly over your glasses!

6.  Am I able to bring someone in the aircraft with me?

No, we are unable to carry spectators in the aircraft.

7. Can I jump with my friends?

Depending on our aircraft on the day we are capable of seating 2-4 tandems per flight. Depending on group numbers and flights required determines how many people we fit per flight.

8. Can I have one video for my entire group?

Unfortunately no.  Due to the limited space in the aircraft our instructors will take video/pictures via HandCam.  They are happy to snap shots in the plane, but with free fall separation you will be unable to see your friends during freefall.

9. Can I bring my own Go Pro.

No.  Due to regulations set by CSPA and Strong Enterprises customers are unable to bring a video Camera.  Our highly trained instructors are expert Selfie takers and will film/photograph your entire experience for you.

10. When should I arrive for my jump?

We ask you to arrive 30 min prior to your scheduled booking.  You can always refer to your confirmation e-mail as well!

11.  How long should I expect to wait.

Your booking time is separated into 3 flights.  Depending on group sizes you may be paired with other guests.  We average 40 min between flights so expect to spend a few hours with us.  Although, if we have weather delays wait times can be extended.

12.  How long is the flight/freefall.

Once you are geared up and loaded into the aircraft, you can expect a scenic 15 min flight through the Columbia valley.  Once the door opens be prepared for 40 seconds of free fall at 120 MPH. Your Canopy flight is approximately 5 min, although the more spins you do the shorter it is!

13. What about the weather on the day of my jump.

Golden has very unique weather patterns that are extremely hard to predict.  It is common for forecasts to change quickly and multiple times a day.  If we are able to predict a period of bad weather for your jump we will contact you before your scheduled time.  If the weather prevents your skydive from taking place you will have the option to re-book for a different time or receive a full refund.

14.What do I need to bring?

You are able to jump in your everyday clothing if you wish, but do dress for the weather expected on the day of your jump.  We have a grass landing area which you enter in a seated position: grass stains on your clothing are a possibility. If you would prefer to cover your clothing we can provide you with a jump suit. Also, you must wear shoes which lace up to reduce the chance of loosing them during your skydive. Flip flops, sandals and heels cannot be worn.

15. Are my friends able to watch me?

We take off and land from the same location.  Spectators are able to watch the plane take off, witness you jump from the aircraft and land safely back on the ground at the airport!

16.  I am scared of heights

No problem!  Many are afraid of heights and of flying.  Our professional instructors will talk you through the entire process and help you concur that fear!  We have had many clients who have never been in an airplane before and where scared of heights and still jumped!

17. What happens if I decide not to jump?

It is extremely rare that someone decides not to skydive. After meeting our instructors and going through the safety briefing you will feel much more comfortable and prepared for your skydive. Should you change your mind while in the plane, you will not be forced to complete the jump. You can back at the airport in the plane, however you will have been charged for the price of the jump, and no refunds will be provided.

Want to learn how to skydive?

For those who have completed their first jump with us and are looking for more, check out Extreme Yeti’s partner company and the fastest progressing skydive location in Alberta, Skydive Big Sky. Big Sky offers a wide variety of skydive school programs, from becoming a qualified solo jumper to an expert sport jumper. For the details, check out their website: http://www.albertaskydivecentral.com

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