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Skydive Canmore offers a complete skydive experience for newcomers to tandem skydiving. Our focus is on safe skydiving and providing the ultimate in experience to anyone visiting our drop zone.

Skydiving is an exhilarating and intense adrenaline rush that can’t be described, you’ve just got to do it! So, you’re ready to skydive? Well, you’ve found Skydive Yeti, the best place around to do it!

skydive canmore


We are so glad you decided to check out Skydiving in  Canmore! Come enjoy the thrill of free falling at over 120 MPH over the Rocky Mountains!

Skydiving is the only activity, at least that we know of, that actually combines two sports into one. Freefall and the parachute (or canopy) ride are completely different sensory experiences.


Skydive Yeti offers Tandem Jumps over the Rocky Mountains, so that you can experience your first skydive. The most exciting experience of your life is just one phone call away!

Rocky Mountain Adventures

We cannot describe this unique experience, but we will tell you that it will be your most thrilling experience yet! Together you and your professional skydiving instructor will pilot the parachute to the ground.

Skydive Extreme Yeti uses only state of the art equipment and programs to accomplish a professional atmosphere with professional results. All of our skydive instructors are trained and members of the Canadian Sport Parachute Association.

Experience skydiving from 10,000 ft. or 13,000 ft. You will experience the ultimate adrenaline rush of Free Falling at 120 MPH over the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

The most exhilarating experience of your life is just one phone call away! Skydive Big Sky in Alberta operates seven days a week, and is available now to assist you with your Tandem Skydiving reservation. Call or Contact Us Today!

Our friendly staff fosters a high level of customer satisfaction, as this keeps the drop zone atmosphere fun and very exciting. They truly love introducing new skydivers to the sport! Our professional skydiving team is here to offer an atmosphere of fun and learning to progress within the sport for both the novice jumper and 2000+ jumps logged skydiver.

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